Our Treatments



Facials clean out impurities and give you a clean and fresh feeling. Your skin becomes soft and smooth. We offer excellent facials that keep your face soft and smooth for days.

Why not try our papaya facial for pigmentation and dark spots … its excellent!



Henna is a traditional way of decorating your palms and feet. It is a tradition in Asian families to apply henna as decorative flowers to the palm and hands on occasions such as Wedding and Eid.

Ladies Only Massage


Have you pulled a muscle or trapped a nerve? Are you feeling tired, warn out or is the cold weather getting to you? Why not try a massage to release some of your pain.

A good massage can relieve tension in your muscles and many people use it as relaxation. Massages can relieve you of stress and anxiety it also releases natural painkillers and can boost you immune system.



Waxing is a temporary method of removing hair. Waxing can be preformed on most parts of the body.

There are different kinds of waxes for different skin types. We offer pink creme wax for clients with sensitive skin which is not as harsh on the body especially on the face.

Party Makeup


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Looking for perfectly shaped eyebrows in just seconds? Say hello to the safer, quicker and easier alternative to perfecting your eyebrows… We offer a pressed powder that, when applied to your eyebrows, is smudge proof, water resistant and 24 hour lasting.

Tints and shapes at the same time, defining your eyebrows to get the perfect look for daytime or evening.

Manicure & Pedicure


Your hands and nails are a very important part of your body as they help protect the ends of the fingers and toes.

A manicure is essential to keep your hand and nails looking fresh. Filed nails look nice and a french tip looks even better classy. Same as a pedicure your nails are filed, cuticles cleaned, a scrub is performed and a nice relaxing hand and arm massage which is followed by a base coat 2 layers of polish and a top coat

Bridal Makeup

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Need a natural looking ultra-precise eyebrow line that tweezing and waxing cannot achieve? Want to get rid of ingrown hairs without snapping the hair?

Threading is used to sharpen the angles and curves of the redesigned brow.